In the forex market each minute counts. In fact, each second counts as far as when a trade is accepted or rejected. With our profitale forex signals service, you’ll benefit greatly. Access your forex signals from anywhere in the world.


Individual account is exactly what it sounds like a seperate account in your name where a professional forex trader makes all of the buy/sell decisions on your behalf. His decisions will be based on the level of risk that you feel comfortable with.


We realize that the future of forex trading will always include Automated trading systems. We specialize in MT4 & Jforex platforms so be an autotrader and let our experts save you time and money and help you in developing your Automated Trading System.


Becoming a successful forex  trader is all about finding a strategy that works for you and applying it with patience and discipline. We cover the most important topics in the Forex world, from the basics of technical analysis to trading psychology, so you’ll be a truly educated forex trader.

About FX Helpers

FX HELPERS mission is to deliver high service quality & profitable autotrading systems which  has been designed in response to a real need in the forex  market and in many cases has been customized to meet specific forex traders requirements.

about fx helpers


Our portfolio includes indicators and forex trading systems which are profitable  and useful for metatrader 4. Visit our shop and take a look at our autotrading systems, forex trading signals and our forex trading copy service.


Almost all forex trading platforms as Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are releasing mobile application. Ideas are the currency of the future therfore FX HELPERS launched an application, with few clicks you will be able to open a trading account and recieve forex trading signals and the ability to entre the recommanded position without any delay.

  • Forex Historical Data

    The Historical Data Feed provides historical price data for variety of financial instruments (e.g. Forex, Commodities and Indices).

  • Forex Realtime Rates

    When you trade you need to view the currency rates live to ensure you are entering  the markets at the right time.

  • Forex Calendar

    Traders in the foreign exchange market pay close attention to global events by using an economic calendar.

fx helpers mobile app
  • Forex Live Charts

    Live forex charts show the movement of currency prices and commodities and offer options to traders to select the type of chart they wish to view.

  • Push Notification

    Push notifications are a way to speak directly to a user. They don’t get caught in spam filters, or forgotten in an inbox.

  • Forex Signals

    All users will get the signals as a notification and at the same time these signals will be published on our website.

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Why Choose FX Helpers

FX HELPERS trade with self-developed trading strategy which we have already tested and have proven its reliability. FX HELPERS offers you the opportunity to take advantage of forex trading by using its services. We provide you with autotrading systems including a trading moneymanagement. The FX HELPERS forex trading signals are profitable and for a short term suitable. Try our most comfortable service which is the forex trading copy service. Click here now and register for a live trading account and let us support you. Register here to become  FX HELPERS member. Combined with a NSFX live trading account you will be able to use our services for free.

NSFX is one of the best forex trading broker. Due to their good reputation they have established themselves quickly on the forex trading market. NSFX is on the side of the traders and never against them and they provide the best trading accounts including the "ECN" which has very low spread and it is suitable for forex scalper. Click here and register for a live trading account.

Thanks to our forex broker NSFX and our trading strategy we can work transparently and without any hidden costs. Please contact us for more information.

We look for the positions with low risk, this is done with the help of various technical analysis and indicators combined with our trading moneymanagement.

why fx helpers


Mining, Trading and much more …

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoins is an experimental payment network and a digital currency (not like your debit/credit card) that is created and exchanged independently of any government or bank (means free from financial crisis, depressions and slowdowns).

How to buy Bitcoin

To ensure the optimal start, we have set the main steps for your perfect entry. We faced difficulty finding a wallet offering services in the Middle East so save your time and follow those steps and at the end we wish you much success in building your business! 

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new bitcoin are released.

The Bitcoin Generation & Volatility

The Processus of generating Bitcoins is quite complicated and involves solving complex algorithms and sharing the solution with the entire network.

Bitcoin Forex Webinar .

Forex Advanced Realtime Chart

Forex Economical Calendar

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We are forex traders, we love trading, we love to win, we love to support you.




  • 27 Currency Pairs
  • Comodities
  • Short Term
  • Money Management
  • SL & TP Levels
  • Push Notification
  • Three Months are for free for NSFX Clients




  • 27 Currency Pairs
  • Comodities
  • Short Term
  • Push Notification
  • Email Notification
  • 1%  Daily Profit
  • Free for NSFX & FX HELPERS Members




  • 27 Currency Pairs
  • Comodities
  • Short Term
  • Push Notification
  • Email Notification
  • 1% Daily Profit
  • Free for NSFX & FX HELPERS Members

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We are forex traders, we love trading, we love to win, we love to support you.

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We are forex traders, we love trading, we love to win, we love to support you.