How to buy Bitcoin

December 25, 2017 baschar Web Designer
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To ensure the optimal start, we have set the main steps for your perfect entry. We faced difficulty finding a wallet offering services in the Middle East so save your time and follow those steps and at the end we wish you much success in building your business! 

         1-  Register by Skrill and please don’t forget to verify your account. ( Skrill helps you to access to your profit)

         2-Open a Wallet with CEX.IO Please click here  OR

                                        with Spectrocoin Please Click here

3- Register with Bitclub by clicking here ( this step is important because you need a sponsor)

4- Make a transaction from your debitcard or bank to skrill

5- login in your wallet and make another transaction from skrill to your wallet.

6- It will takes few minutes then you can BUY BITCOINS.

7- The bought bitcoins are ready to send them to BITCLUB.

8- Buy pools

We will help you to finish off those steps, so feel free to mail us.



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