Trading signals


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This Group contains the FX HELPERS Major, Cross Pairs Trading Signals and the Commodities Trading Signals.



FX HELPERS Trading Signals

are a suggestion for entering a trade, usually at a specific price and time. They are intuitive, easy to use and most of all have proved its accuration and effectivity. All you need to do is to choose the best forex broker who can provide you with an ECN live trading account. The next step is to register for a FX HELPERS membership. Then you can follow our notifications sent by Email and soon by push messaging. The trading signals includes the entry price, stop loss level and the take profit level. Because of the high volatility during the forex news, we don’t provide any trading signals. Nevertheless please use a moneymanagement. For the forex traders who like to trade the forex news we recommend to use our EA the forex news trader.

Therefore register for a live trading account by NSFX and get our trading signals for the first three months for free.

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